Alacsonyabb ár! AC 220V-240V digitális LCD időzítő relé 16A 03 Nagyobb

AC 220V-240V digitális LCD időzítő relé 16A 03


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Features:Brand new and high quality.
Cut out (MM) : Φ64.
Fitting Depths (mm) : 21.
Normal Voltage : 230VAC/50HZ.
Power consumption : 4.4VA.
current consumption without load : 0.015mA.
Resistive Load (LVD .IEC) 16A /250V AC.
Inductive load cos . 0.6 8A /250V AC.
incandescent lamp load 1000W.
Battery backup : 3 year from factory.
Operation accuracy : Type(+-)1 s/day.
Ambient temperature : -10℃-55℃.
Shortest switching time : 1 min.
Shortest switching interval: 1 min.
Number of channels " 1.
Number of memory spaces : 17.
Type of connection : Plug in.
Installation method:screw, connector connection.
Key Button:.
1.clock, timer, day, h+(setting the hours), m+(setting the minutes), manual override, reset;.
2.Before starting the program, the timer should be charged for at least 5 minutes as the inbuild battery may be of no battery.
3.Before setting the program, press the key button reset, to clear the memorize data for the new instructions.
4.After the program is made, please insert the timer to the plug. Then connect the electric appliance to the timer.
5.The on and off can be set eight times each day, which can be set as follow:.
First option, Sunday.
Second option: from Monday to Friday.
Third option: Saturday and Sunday(weekend).
Fourth option: from Monday to Saturday(working days).
Fifth option: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
Sixth option: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Seventh option: from Monday to Wednesday.
Eighth option: from Wednesday to Saturday.
12 hours and 24 hours systems are optional.
Package Included:1 x 220V Programmable Timer
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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