Alacsonyabb ár! 19V 4.74A 90W 2.5MM AC töltő Adapter HP Toshiba Nagyobb

19V 4.74A 90W 2.5MM AC töltő Adapter HP Toshiba


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2 994 Ft‎


3 254 Ft‎

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Output voltage: 19v ~ 4.74A, 90Watt.
Output Connecter Size: Internal Diameter - 2.5 mm / External Diameter - 5.5 mm.
Come with AC Power Cable.

We will send the plug according to your shipping address. If you have special need, please leave note when checking out.

Important: Please make sure the DC Output & Connector size are accordant before you bid!

Replace Part Number:HP 308745-001, 309241-001, 310925-001, 324816-001, 324816-002, 324816-003, 325112-001, 325112- 021, 310744-002, 287515-001, 286755-001, 283884-001, 239705-001, PP
P012L, PA-1900-05C1, 239428-001, 239428-002/li>
Toshiba PA3165E-1ACA, PA3165U, PA3165E, PA3380E-1ACA, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3468U, PA3468E-1ACA, PA3468E, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3432U-1AC3, PA3432E-1ACA, PA3432E-1AC3

Compatible with Laptop Model:
HP Pavilion DV2000 Series
DV2000, DV2000t, DV2000z CTO, DV2015, DV2015NR, EZ728UA, EZ728UAR, DV2020, DV2020CA, DV2020US, EZ643UA, EZ649UA, DV2025, DV2025NR, EZ644UA, DV2035, DV2035US, EZ725UA, EZ725UAR, DV2037, DV2037US, EZ726UA, DV2040, DV2040CA, DV2040US, EZ717UA, EZ723UA, EZ723UAR, DV2047, DV2047CL, EZ648UA, DV2050, DV2050US, EZ718UA, EZ718UAR, DV2109, DV2109NR, DV2110, DV2110RS, RG415UA, DV2116, DV2116WM, RG414UA, DV2120, DV2120CA, DV2120US, RG404UA, RG411UA, DV2125, DV2125NR, RG408UA, DV2130, DV2130US, RG498UA, DV2171, DV2171CL, DV2171CA, RG407UA, RG412UA, DV2174, DV2174CL, RG406UA, DV2200 CTO, DV2201, DV2201CA, RU767UA, DV2202, DV2202CA, RU769UA, DV2210, DV2210US, RU408UA, DV2213, DV2213CA, DV2213CL, RU768UA, RP410UA, DV2214, DV2214US, RP412UA, DV2220, DV2220US, DV2221, DV2221US, RP413UA, DV2225, DV2225NR, RP415UA, DV2310, DV2310CA, DV2310US, GA154UA, RV322UA, DV2313, DV2313CA, DV2313CL, GA155UA, RV325UA, DV2320, DV2320US, RV323UA
HP Pavilion DV6000 series
DV6000T, DV6000Z, DV6100, DV6105, DV6107, DV6110, DV6119, DV6113, DV6129, DV6130, DV6139, DV6140, DV6200, DV6206, DV6215, DV6225, DV6255

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