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Arany HDMI Male VGA HD-15 Male kábel 6ft 1.8M


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Gold HDMI Male VGA HD-15 Male Charger 6ft 1.8M
Arany HDMI Férfi VGA HD-15 Férfi töltő 6ft 1,8M

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892 Ft‎


1 256 Ft‎

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Arany HDMI Male VGA HD-15 Male kábel 6ft 1.8M

nversion box is required. HDMI to VGA / RCA cable is designed to connect and transfer signals from HDMI port to VGA / RCA port. This cable functions as a signal transmitter, but NOT a signal converter. As HDMI carries digital signals while VGA / RCA carries analog signals. In order for these two formats of signal to communicate with each other, both input and output devices needs to support the signal conversion function (code and decode), please kindly check with your user manual.
Specification:HDMI Male to VGA HD-15 Male
Gold plated connectors make sure superior signal transfer
Cable transmit video signals up to 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
Length:1.8 Meters
Please note(very important):Not all of devices with HDMI or VGA interface is able to use this cable.
Analog signal and digital signal are hard to transfer, so please check your devices carefully before you place order.
Please note that it doesn't work with laptops to LCD monitor directly and that you will need an adapter box to convert the VGA signals to HDMI in the first place.only our cable is not enough.
It only fits High Definition Player, converter is needed when connect the PC and TV.
Please make sure that you understand how to use this cable before you purchase.
Package Included:1 x HDMI to VGA Cable

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