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Új Mágneses golyó logikai Puzzle 216


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There is a Natural Bullet Logic Puzzle 216
Van egy Natural Bullet Logic Puzzle 216

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1 384 Ft‎


1 949 Ft‎

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Új Mágneses golyó logikai Puzzle 216
Features:Brand New and High Quality.
The Amazing Balls is made of 216 strong magnetic NdFeB balls. NdFeB is a permanent-magnet technology.
The balls can be composed of countless shapes, some of them you may not know how to call it. Because you will be the one who created it.
Through the Amazing Balls, you can simply increase your intuitive of geometry and mathematics.
You can use Amazing Balls as an educational tool combine the textbook to learning. Then you can get a better understanding of the geometry theoretical and practical knowledge.
Because of geometry needs strong imagination of space, so use the amazing balls as a educational tool can improve the geometry section results effectively.
Size & color: 3mm diameter, in clear zinc color.
Ages: 7 ages, both for kids and adults.
Package Included:1 x Magnetic Balls 216

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