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Features:Connect your CD Player / MiniDisk Player / iPod to your car stereo through your car's in-dash cassette player.
Cassette-shaped Interface inserts into your car's tape deck. Mini-plug inserts into your iPod / CD Player / MiniDisk Player headphone jack.
Silent mechanism reduces mechanical noise on the road.
Spring-loaded cassette head helps maintain contact with cassette player's head for clear sound.
Adapter: 3.5mm audio adapter.
Compatible With:Apple: iPod 3rd Gen. 40GB, 30GB, 15GB, 10GB, 20GB iPod Classic 160GB, 80GB, 120GB iPod 4th Gen. 20GB (Color Display), 30GB (Color Display), 60GB (Color Display), 40GB (Photo), U2 Special Edition iPod Nano 1st Gen. 1GB, 2GB, 4GB iPod Shuffle 1st Gen. 512Mb iPod Video 60GB, 30GB, 80GB, U2 Special Edition iPod Mini 6GB, 4GB iPod 2nd Gen. 20GB iPod 1st Gen. 10GB, 5GB iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32 GB, 64 GB iPod Nano 5th Gen. 16 GB, 8 GB iPhone 1st Gen. 16GB, 4GB, 8GB iPhone 3G 16GB, 8GB iPhone 3GS 16GB, 32GB iPod Nano 2nd Gen. 2GB, 4GB, 8GB iPod Nano 3rd Gen. 4GB, 8GB iPod Nano 4th Gen. 16GB, 8GB iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen. 1GB, 2GB iPod Touch 1st Gen. 16GB, 32GB, 8GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen. 16GB, 32GB, 8GB
Dell: Pocket DJ Ditty, Pocket DJ, Pocket DJ20, Pocket DJ30, Digital Jukebox (DJ)
SanDisk: Sansa View View 16GB, View 32GB, View 8GB Sansa Clip Clip 1GB, Clip 2GB, Clip 4GB Sansa Connect Connect 4GB Sansa C100 series C140, C150 Sansa C200 series C240, C250 Sansa E200 series E200, e250, e260, e270, e280 Sansa E200R series e250R, e260R, e270R, e280R Sansa Fuze 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
Archos: 105, 405, 605 WiFi, 704 WiFi, 705 WiFi, 104, 204, 404, 404 Camcorder, 504, 604, 604 WiFi, 402, 402 Camcorder, 500, 400, 120, 530, 540, 560 AV700 Series AV700TV, AV7100, AV740, AV760, AV780 AV500 Series AV5100, AV530, AV540, AV560, AV580, AV500, AV510 Gmini XS100, XS202, XS202S, XS200 PMA 400 Series PMA420, PMA430 AV400 Series AV4100, AV420, AV440, AV460, AV480 AV300 Series AV320, AV340, AV380 AV100 Series AV120, AV140
iRiver: Clix CLIX GEN1, CLIX GEN2 NoSeries E10, H10, H320, S10, T10, T20, T30, U10, U20, X20
Creative: Zen 16GB, 32GB, 4GB, 8GB, Stone, Stone Plus, Wav, Nano, Nano Plus, Neeon2, V, V Plus, Vision W, Vision:M 60GB, MicroPhoto, Neeon, Sleek, Sleek Photo, Vision, Vision:M 30GB, Micro, Portable Media Center, Touch, X-Fi NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX, Zen Xtra, Zen, 2, 3 MuVo Chameleon, Micro N200, Mix, MuVo2, MuVo2 FM, MuVo2 XT, MuVo2 X-Trainer, NX, S200, Slim, Sport C100, T100, TX, TX FM, USB 2.0, V100, V200, Vidz NoSeries Xmod
Microsoft: Zune 2nd Gen. 4GB, 80GB, 8GB, 120GB, 16GB Zune 1st Gen. 30GB
BlackBerry: Bold 9000 Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8900 Pearl 8110, 8120, 8130 Pearl Flip 8220 Storm 9500 Thunder
HTC: Touch HD
LG: AX585 Rhythm, VX8560 Chocolate 3, VX9700 Dare
Motorola: RAZR VE20 ROKR E6, E8 Z Series Krave ZN4
Nokia: N96, 5310 XpressMusic, N76, N81, N810 Internet Table, N82, N95, N95 8GB, 5220 XpressMusic, 5320 XpressMusic, 5630 XpressMusic, 5730 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 8208, E63, N79, N810 WiMAX Edition, N85, N97
Palm: Treo PRO 850
Samsung: SGH-F700, SGH-F490, SGH-A867 Eternity, SGH-G810, SPH-M800 Instinct YP Series YP-K3, YP-K5, YP-P2, YP-S5, YP-T10, YP-T55, YP-T7, YP-T8, YP-T9, YP-U1, YP-U2, YP-U3, YP-Z5A, YP-Z5FA, YP-Z5FQ, YP-Z5Q, YP-Z5Z
Sony Ericsson: X Series X1 Xperia
We don't offer color choice. Your order will be sent in colors at random.
Package Included:1 x Universal Car Audio Cassette Adapter

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